• Carta da Parati
  • Carta da Parati
  • Carta da Parati


Emiliana Parati’s production consists of a wide range of vinyl wallpapers paperbacked or nonwoven backing, in H 0,53 m - H 0,70 m - H 1,06 m sizes.

All of them are of high quality and have been researched with beauty and a careful study of colours in mind.

Exceptional features of its wallpapers are meticulous textured techniques and designs which have superb distinctive traits.

TEKKO brand products are exclusive, outstanding and unique in their brightness, manufactured with skills and machinery that still today follows old handcrafted techniques.

Water based pigmentation comes from natural pearls.

Industrie Emiliana Parati S.p.A. - P.IVA 01856650203 - C.F. 02624410243 - REA N° CR-145211 - Export N° CR-015510 - Cap.Soc. € 7.055.165,40 i.v.
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