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Company Profile

For more than 40 years Emiliana Parati has been a market leader in the wallcovering industry, portraying the ethos of Made in Italy thanks to steady investments in its production process and to its creativity in exclusive products.

Based in Casalmaggiore, Cremona, on a 60.000 square meter site (19.000 indoor) the company produces and sells its collections in Italy, but mostly abroad.

A wide range of vinyl wallcoverings, paperbacked and nonwoven backing, along with special productions for the high end market, with glitters, flocks, crystals and textiles.

All our wallpapers are completely breathable, nontoxic, fire resistant and washable.

New sales strategies along with qualified managers helped our company to increase its presence on the main international markets.

Distinguished by a high level of international trade, being export more than 97% of its turnover, the company focused mainly on the Russian market, followed by purchases from China, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

Customer care efficiency has been increased improving the warehouse management system, now able to deal with more than 3000 items at the same time.

Industrie Emiliana Parati S.p.A. - P.IVA 01856650203 - C.F. 02624410243 - REA N° CR-145211 - Export N° CR-015510 - Cap.Soc. € 7.055.165,40 i.v.
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