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Gianfranco Ferrè Home

Industrie Emiliana Parati has just signed another important partnership with one of the most famous Italian fashion brands: Gianfranco Ferré.

The fashion house has always excelled in producing geometric themes, and it is well known for its elegance and for a perfect balance between design, art and culture.

The style of Ferré, referred to as the ‘Fashion Architect was an element missed by Emiliana Parati in presenting something completely innovative, able to impress lovers of regular lines, perfectly translated into a sensual and sophisticated product.”

Industrie Emiliana Parati S.p.A. - P.IVA 01856650203 - C.F. 02624410243 - REA N° CR-145211 - Export N° CR-015510 - Cap.Soc. € 7.055.165,40 i.v.
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